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An online component is essential for anyone running a group or community these days. Some have Facebook groups, some have Slack groups, some have *shudder* LinkedIn groups.
Most hack together makeshift communities using a combination of many tools, emails, and spreadsheets. Many of these tools have business models that rely on selling your data or serving you advertisements.
We deserve something better, which is why we created Warmintro: the solution for anyone running or growing a connected community. We built it from the ground up with organization and meaningful connection in mind. We don't serve ads, we don't sell data, and we are 100% focused on making it easy to create connections and foster real relationships.


Before Warmintro, our CEO Irene Ryabaya ran the Monarq Incubator, a community focused on diverse teams and women-led startups. She was using dozens of different tools and countless spreadsheets, docs, and emails to manage her network of founders, investors, and mentors. It was difficult to manage and impossible to scale. Warmintro was born directly out of her frustrations running her community.


"We recommend Warmintro to everyone we meet, it saves us from hours of confusion and mindless work, so we can focus on what we are good at."

Lena Hödl

Head of Female Founders Grow F Accelerator


"Warmintro has been a game changer. Our engagement has soared and we are thrilled to have such a robust platform in place, particularly as the world moves more virtual!"

Elyssa Haynes

Director of Operations at Sprockit

Meet Our Founders


Irene Ryabaya

CEO & Cofounder


Eugene Hawkin

COO & Cofounder


Nolan Frausto

CTO & Cofounder