• How do I get access to Warmintro?

    Warmintro is only accessible by individuals who are already members of a community using the Warmintro platform. If your community uses Warmintro and you need help accessing the app, please contact your community manager.

  • I am having technical issue with the app or web platform, who do I contact?

    We are here to help. You can email us at help@warmintro.ai.

  • What Warmintro features are currently available in the Mobile App?

    The app currently only supports the discussion forum and member profiles. We hope to have event registration available in the app in the shortly and we’ll be adding features from there.

  • Is Warmintro right for my community?

    Warmintro is the best platform to connect your members. If your group, association, accelerator or community has a mission to connect the people in the group, we are the platform for you. Warmintro is also focused on solving the problems of community managers and making the lives of the people running groups, associations, accelerators and communities easier. Therefore we are best for those groups who have a dedicated leader running the community and creating connections for members.

  • What is a Warmintro community? Who uses Warmintro?

    Warmintro is the best platform for groups, associations, accelerators, and communities focused on creating connections. Our clients are incubators and accelerators from around the world, diversity-focused associations and affinity groups, networking groups and events looking to offer connections to members between events and professional communities and trade organizations looking to connect members who can do business.

  • Is there a trial version of Warmintro I can try?

    Warmintro is a community platform so it’s not fun to try without a community. Book a demo with us to see Warmintro in action, learn how our current clients are using the platform and try it out for yourself.

  • How does Warmintro use my data?

    Our mission is to help you connect your members so you can scale and monetize your community. That means that your data is yours and we will use it solely for the purposes of improving yours and your members’ experience on the platform. If you choose to login/connect with Google, Warmintro’s use of information received from Gmail APIs will adhere to Google's Limited Use Requirements.

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